(Sept 16, 2019) Hello there! Welcome to our site! We are a new company so we’re in beta mode at the moment. Our team is adding all the videos on YouTube so you can share and comment on our videos. If you’re wondering – the verbiage and captions aren’t missing, they are being integrated with the social media platforms and will be available to you soon. Please excuse our appearance as we integrate our 100+ videos to social media. We are constantly adding new event videos on our website during the social media migration, so don’t fret, they will still be available here!


Empurrer Media is a digital catalog of videos (all made in-house) dedicated to exclusive events, brand launches and lifestyle content. We are journalistic content creators that have a proven record of giving people event FOMO. Our content is highly curated and is considered to be a definitive source for event ideas. Whether you’re curious about your favorite celebrities, influencers, favorite brands or just need inspiration for an event you’re throwing yourself, we got you. We provide professional grade videos so you can live vicariously through the best.


Our founder is a prolific entrepreneur who started a magazine in 2012 hoping to create a publication solely about entrepreneurship. With the decline of traditional media and magazines, social media reigned the world – it was time for rebranding. The difficult-to-pronounce french named magazine slowly evolved from a business-focused online publication to a sovereign digital platform for palatable short videos and was subsequently renamed Empurrer Media.


Anna V. – Managing Editor

Emily W. – Video Editor

Lam C. – Administrative Intern